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Liberty's Dieing Words [Jun. 24th, 2005|09:05 pm]
Freedom Watch Teem
Hello America.
When you wake, I'll probably be gone. If I am still here, I will be to weak to be there for you. I will leave this message for you, to let you know how sorry I am. Maybe it is better this way, why should I continue to fight for you, when you stopped defending me a long time ago. Of course, I understand that you will not realize it until you wake up. Just so you don't panic when you wake to surprise, I want to tell you what has been happening.

For the last three decades you have been sleeping. Those of you who were not sleeping, were in a blind drunken lust over the material distractions set before you. Still, those who stood guard for me, were too few and outnumbered. I should let you know, as soon as you stopped defending me, I was attacked. I was raped and molested by those who were drunk with power and greed. Every year, your government had it's way with me and did as they would please for their own satisfaction.

It was your ancestors whom have made me what I was. They gave me all of the power to protect you from loss of freedom. I was very strong, and for decades I was able to keep America fair and free for all. Throughout history, your ancestors stood proud to protect me. I was what made your nation the envy of every nation. Your ancestors knew the one weakness I had, I was powerless without the strength of the people.

The founding fathers of America knew and gave warning, that I would stand for you, but you also had to stand for me. They knew there would be predators waiting to strike. The minuet you let your guard down, they began stripping me. I once thought I was given a blindfold to keep me from prejudice, but now I realize the blindfold was to keep me from identifying those who attacked me.

I am also sorry because I was prevented from keeping you from being lied to. You were purposely misinformed about the identity of the villains who were trying to attack me. You were told they were foreign, but in fact, they were domestic.

I will not waste your time telling you of the first attacks I endured. I will however give you a few recent examples. Some of the most recent have shook a few of you, but not yet enough. Most recently, within the last few years, I have received some of the heaviest attacks to date. I was wrongfully used as an excuse for war. The responsibility of protecting your privacy was taken from me. The Honor of holding your right to bear arms has been greatly reduced. Protecting you from search without warrant, is no longer my burden. Making sure you have a fair and speedy trial, is no longer part of my duties. I no longer have to make sure that your elected government is honest and works in your best interest. I will not be able to keep jobs in this nation. I will not be allowed to help the poor. As of today, I can no longer be able to stop your property from being taken from you. Also, soon I may not be able to keep foreign born citizens from becoming president. Nor will I be able to make sure that a president has only two terms of office.

You may not be alarmed, you may be sleeping with the comfort of justice, but there is something els you should know. Justice has been tortured into turning against me. Yet, you may take comfort in the morality of you religion. That too is a dead end. You see, the same criminals have perverted your religion and are banning what remains of it. They have even used your religion falsely to conduct their attack.

The saddest part of all of this is you have turned your backs on me. Our system we once had, only works when we both protect each other. As soon as you let go of me, I become powerless. Soon, I will no longer exist, and the next attack will be on you. The time left to save me is short, but it means nothing as long as you sit and do nothing.

You have made me feel 2nd to issues like O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, Martha Stewart and Iraqi freedom!

I am liberty, for years I have stood for you! When are you going to return the favor?!