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Blinding Ignorance [Jul. 6th, 2005|02:59 am]
Freedom Watch Teem
"You can swim all day in the Sea of Knowledge and still come out completely dry. Most people do." ~Norman Juster

Ok, I will admit, I watched the fireworks display over Independence weekend and there was a sense of freedom. As many people try to tell me America is not losing it's freedom. But I couldn't help thinking the whole time about what this celebration has become. A celebration of Independence for America. The crowds gather and cheer for the awesome display. Myself, I was thinking with every blast and bang of light represented a battle from the past. A battle where men left home knowing they may never come back. There was no reason to protest this battle, this was a battle to declare a new nation free and independent from all others. A battle that did not need any excuse because the truth was too clear. We won that battle and became the greatest nation in the world.

Fast forward to today. What were we celebrating this past holiday? While we are here celebrating, our nations children are off to war. But it is not a war worthy of celebration, it is a war based on a lies. The people fighting this war signed up because they were looking for one of two things. On one side they were misled and believed that our nation was in danger, so they did the noble thing and signed their life into the hands of a chief. On the other side, people were already signed up to the military during peace time. They signed up in hopes of bettering their future. Both sides are now a bunch of strangers in a strange land. A land of confusion and truth is not what it seems. They have no right to just turn around, because uncle sam owns their freedom. They watch everyday as more of their own die. Asking themselves if this is what they had signed up for? While they were sent off to die in the name of "weapons of mass destruction" and "Iraqi freedom" they soon realized neither was true. While they are over there wondering why they are dieing and losing limbs, their commander in chief is over here telling the nation that their "bloodshed is worth it". This same chief whom was AWOL during the viet nam war, is telling the nation that we will not set a time table to withdraw. So while they are over there fighting to stay alive because of a lie, we are over here celebrating the Declaration Of Independence.

I ask again, what are we celebrating? We claim we are celebrating the Declaration Of Independence, yet we do not put that declaration to use. While our young troops are over there fighting operation Bush agenda, we are over here allowing our constitution to be ripped to shreds in the name of "Homeland Security". The same liars that would have us believe that people hate our freedom, are telling us that our troops are fighting to free these people. Whose job is it to protect our troops from the dangers of these liars? I would say it is ours. Instead of taking a stand and demanding that the elected officials listen to the people, we allow them to tell us they will not. They are telling us, "here's the deal, like it or not". Surprisingly this Declaration Of Independence that we are celebrating isn't even known to many. It specifically gives us the right to throw out any government that dictates the people. When are we going to put it to use? Our soldiers now needs us to fight for them. Our has been bought by corporate control freaks!

I ask again, What are we celebrating? Our nations elected liars have lied their way out of the lies. They stand there and tell us they were given bad information from unreliable sources. So let me ask you, what happens when you break the law and you tell the judge you didn't know you were breaking the law? They tell you "Ignorance of the law is no excuse". So it is time we tell the liars that Ignorance is no excuse!

I have recently realized, though, you can not get through to many people. People just don't care about our nation anymore. I have probably heard every excuse for defending Bush. I have heard people say things like, "my protesting days are over" or "Bush doesn't have an easy job". If it has been said, I have heard it. Bush is so great! Some people will just plain ignore it. Many of them will call me "radical" or put me in a category with "liberals". Defending our constitution is no easy job, let me tell you. People actually even defend the government's attack on constitutional rights!

Once again I ask, What are we celebrating? Is it a celebration of lies? What are the fireworks for? Is it to celebrate loss of freedom? Maybe we have just become so sick that it is a celebration of bloodshed? No, thats not it. It has become a celebration of ignorance.

The people have become blinded by ignorance. That Ignorance is fueled by all of the material things we lust over. We have no time for politics! We make excuses or we have a greater plan. Bush supporters who do make time for politics, are only concerned with few things. One being their financial future, they are on their way to riches, so they follow those who are already rich. Most of them support Bush. Two, Bush is a christian, he is helping Christian values. One thing remains true. I have offered my side of the argument to Bush supporters, they do not want to hear it, period! Yet, I wait for their argument to prove that Bush is helping Christian values.

To all of the Bush supporters, here is my message. You tell those troops, who have lost body parts, Why you support Bush. Tell their families why their dead sons, daughters, fathers, and mothers why the bloodshed was worth it. You want to defend somebody whose lies have taken lives, and infringed on freedom, that is your choice. But what about the choice of others? You only care about issues when it affects you immediately. My views are different from the all great "conservative circle" so my freedoms are not important. If you value America and freedom then it is necessary to listen to both points of view, because getting your view from one source is just plain ignorance.

And to the "Liberal" side, here is my message. No, I am not and will not support you. Your agenda is no different. You have showed your cowardliness to the world. You Back down from everything you are told to. You apologize every time a "conservative" says they are offended. Mostly, you whine for a "time table" to pull out of Iraq. Instead of backing an impeachment of a liar, you ask for a simple "time table". Then you grab your tail and run when you are told there isn't going to be a time table. By backing down, you have helped push the Bush agenda.

America has become blinded by ignorance. We are happy to buy the idea that we have a new enemy. Terrorist, they hate us because they hate freedom. Keep chewing on that, because it is not easy to swallow! "Terrorist" don't hate freedom. They don't hate us because we are free, they hate us because, for years we have put our nose where it did not belong. They hate us because we jump at Israel's command! Had we focused our energy on fixing our own problems, nobody would hate us. The only people that have any reason to hate America's freedom is those who wish to have control of America. I assure you, "terrorist are too busy trying to control a piece of wasteland in an eastern desert. That leaves us with one other enemy, A corporate and foreign controlled government.

We need to ask ourselves one question, Why would terrorists take the time to hate America just because we are free? It is possibly the worst excuse I have ever heard for anything. Just like the bully 2 blocks over, he never knew you existed until you left your block. Who has prov-en to be a bigger threat to our freedom, and who would benefit from attacking our freedom? Certainly not "terrorist"! The first to benefit from the loss of America's freedom, would be members of our very own government.

Ignorance is a choice, it is up to us to chose knowledge.