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Will we reward evil? [Jun. 12th, 2005|07:31 pm]
Freedom Watch Teem
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"Treason doth never prosper: what's the reason?/For if it prosper, none dare call it treason." - John A. Stormer: None Dare Call It Treason

Recently it is being reported that "mainstream" media is taking a turn toward the truth, and why wouldn't they? The media can not survive forever when people quit trusting their coverage. They are ever so slowly starting to report on the "Downing Street Memo". Of course the media is not alone. Now, a few political figures are starting to jump aboard the alternative view. Is the day of truth really coming? I caution everyone, because this issue will be quickly laid to rest by a political think tank.

Before I go any further, I want to make something clear. I do not mix myself into one side or the other. I do not consider myself to be republican nor democrat or any other party. When I vote, I vote based on what I believe in the persons running for office. I do not base my vote on somebody els's recommendations, and I do not vote based on political party. I vote based on whether or not I feel the person can do what needs done. Point being, this is not an article to run down a republican in order to praise a democrat. Too many people are caught in that trap, and it is getting us nowhere. I am telling you that both parties are one in the same.

I feel there is a problem arising right now. If it is not caught in time, we will end up thinking that we have accomplished something without accomplishing nothing. With all of this tension rising from the "Downing Street Memo" people feel this is the smoking gun. It just might be, but if we are not careful we will kill our own intentions. While my hat is off to those who are trying to make progress, I don't feel it is going to work out. There is a Democrat site offering $1000 dollars to anyone who can get bush to answer their question, and Rep. Conyers is asking us to sign his Petition so that he can present his questions to Bush. That's great, I am right there with them. I did sign the petition, but I ask you, what happens after Bush answers those questions?

We ask Bush the questions, he tells us no he did not fix the intelligence and the memo was taken out of context, then what? What do we do next? Are we just going to accept another lie and go back to sleep? Will we feel good because we think we achieved success by getting him to answer a few questions? Realize, the Bush administration knows good and well that these questions will eventually be asked. Don't think for one minuet that they are not already planning how to answer them!

Why is it we always wait until an elected officials term is almost up, before we launch a full investigation into their crimes? Clinton was found guilty and thats fine with me, but all politicians should be held accountable for their crimes. All of them! We don't need to have an answer to any questions until the day of the trial. We already know that Bush has lied! This memo is only one more piece of evidence. There is no proving link from Sadam to bin-Laden, there are no WMD's and the list goes on. Many of us already figured once Bush "won" the election that we would end up going back to Iraq. It's all there in broad day light. So, what are we doing wasting time asking questions and waiting for more lies?

Send your questions to a federal judge, put on your shoes, and lets go marching into Washington and fire the entire administration. Top Democrats aren't going to push this issue. They will drag it out only for the purpose to gain popularity for the next election. It is time for us to stop these political games. You have questions? You trust another politician to get the answers you deserve? Keep dreaming! Don't ask Bush if the memo is true, ask him a real question. Ask him why over 1700 of America's children are dead! Ask him where are these magical Weapons of Mass Destruction! Tell Bush, tell the Republicans, tell the Democrats, tell them all that we are sick and tired of the games. We are the people, and when we say jump, they better ask how high!

Does anyone know the punishment for treason?

Our dear president Bush has committed war crimes, he has committed Treason! He is guilty, and we have plenty enough proof. Why are we jumping around the real issues? Why are we too afraid to demand justice? You can wait for a leading Democrat to take this issue, but I guarantee you justice will not be served. He will be let off easy and in 2009 the Bush's and the Clinton's will be hugging each other while touring around "helping" victims of national disasters.
If you want answers, give me 10 minuets with Bush on national television and there will not be one American that is not ready to Impeach this traitor.

It is our right as Americans to chose who will lead us, as it is our right to decide when they must go! Why are we pretending that we have to wait on somebody to ask him a few questions?

"That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."
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Forgotten History? [Jun. 9th, 2005|02:03 am]
Freedom Watch Teem
The year was 1776 and the day was July fourth. This day would become know as Independence Day, and would be celebrated every year on the 4th of July. The question must arise, do all Americans realize what the celebration is about. Is this a holiday just for the purpose of showing off fireworks in the sky? Does anyone watch those explosions, hear the bangs, and think about the meaning?
What was the price for freedom? What will it cost to forget that price?

July fourth, the day America was born. The day the people declared this land to be a free land. It wasn't just a group of people declaring freedom, it started far before this day. The price was life, Our ancestors fought and gave their lives so that the United States could be free from Britain. Years, Decades, even Centuries would go by and America would not forget what it was. It was a government established for the people, by the people. A nation was born, filled with patriots that would not stand for corruption. A nation that would be ready to stand again in battle against any person(s) who might pose a threat to freedom. Any threat, foreign or domestic, would feel the wrath of this mighty nation. No other nation would dare test their willingness to defend something they fought so hard to achieve. No person would dare step into government and tamper with the rights of the people. If ever someone was to hold office and be caught as a fraud, the people would be quick to remove them from office. Could this be true? Is this a story of a real life place?

I beg for somebody to tell me what happened! When did America forget it's history? Is it possible that the America we see today, part of a plan from the beginning? Is it possible, in the 1700's Britain may have sent people here with a long term goal to infiltrate our government so that today has become a result of that? I honestly do not understand what would cause a people to give up.

Today, America has become a people who sit down and let it all be taken away. Jobs? Ok you can have mine. Business? Well lets allow our government to pay foreigners to come in and take it all away.
From the day I can remember having a memory, I somehow new that government would one day deceive us into communism. The thing I can't understand, and never thought I'd see is American people sitting down and letting it happen.

If you were to go back to 1776 and tell John Hancock not to sign that because one day it will mean nothing, what do you think would have happened? You probably would have been hung in the town square! What if you went back to 1800 and started a war based on evidence that was later found to not exist? You would have been Hung for that too. I ask you, what happened?

The whole world currently has it's eyes on America, wondering what are American's going to do. How are they going to react to the crimes of our elected president? The mighty people who stood up to fight for their own freedom. The people who would not give up any of their rights. So far, the world looks to America in amazement, they can not believe their eyes. Could it be? Is America handing over everything they fought for? Are these people allowing themselves to be pushed around? Are they actually allowing an elected official to lie to them, steal from them, and play them for fools? It can't be, it wasn't that long ago when they raised hell because a president lied about his sex life. Surely they would not allow this one to do worse!

For those of you who say, our president is a great Christian leader, I say open up your eyes! You look up the facts, then count how many commandments he has broken. Most Christians that voted for Bush, based their decision on abortion. I ask you, when did Bush ever say he was against abortion? What has he tried to do to stop or even slow down abortion? Oh, you say he signed a bill to stop partial birth abortion. So what, there are many who support abortion but are against partial birth abortion.

Most of us know the truth. Most of us know that Bush is doing wrong, some are just too afraid to step up. What has America become, when we are afraid to boycott the media? When we are too afraid to take to the streets and demand justice. Is this what our ancestors have died for?

I call all American out on their bluff right now! You, who talk the talk against abortion, is it wrong to allow abortion, yet ok to send children off to die in a war for no reason?!
You, military men and women, who have taken a pledge to defend us against all threats foreign and domestic. Stop! Fight the battle that has reason!
You, men and women of law enforcement, who claim you are there to serve and protect. Who are you serving? Who are you protecting?

It's kind of funny, Americans got pissed when France said they would not help us in the war. The people who gave us a statue to honor us for being a true free and honest nation. Yet, the French voted down the EU constitution while we allow the patriot act to be forced down our throats. There was good reason that they had trouble agreeing with us, they could see what our own people could not.

Liberty calls us out! Each and everyone of us. We are called upon to defend our freedom. Rebellion is in our blood. We are a fighting people. We are supposed to be the people that controls our government. It has become a government controlling people.
It is time to wake up, stand up, and state our demands that all involved get out of our public buildings. It is time to call them out to answer to the people. We demand it. It is time that we make it clear that if America is not restored, we are ready to take up arms and fight! Time to walk the talk and prove to our government that we are still in control.

A revolution is about to begin, and it doesn't consist of a poorly designed automobile. Everything that has happened since the Bush administration came to office, has been dictated by them. I assure you they are not finished. Who do they think they are? Do you really think they are feeling bad for any of us? It's time to make it stop. They will be glad to take from you, what you will not defend. If we fought for our own freedom, and are letting it go after 200 years, how much more quickly will Iraq let their so called freedom go when they did not fight for it? We fought to separate ourselves from the world, not to unite with it!

This Fourth of July instead of watching a display of fireworks in vein, make it a real celebration of freedom! Make it a celebration that would make our ancestors proud! One man can't do it alone, I call upon America to join me. Independence day is the day we should march into Washington DC and once again declare ourselves a free people. It is time to show that we will not live in fear of their fairy tale!

"Let freedom ring, Let the white dove sing. Let the whole world know that today is a day of reckoning. Let the week be strong, let the right be wrong. Roll the stone away, let the guilty pay. It's Independence Day!" <---- (Martina McBride, "Independence Day")
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The empire of Bush! [Jun. 3rd, 2005|09:06 pm]
Freedom Watch Teem
Just thought I'd share this with everyone.
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Newsweek report comments [May. 16th, 2005|04:45 pm]
Freedom Watch Teem
America Uncensored .net

Newsweek report of Koran deseceration "irresponsible" :
Yahoo News / May 16 2005

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Going on the counter-attack after days of rioting in
Afghanistan, the Pentagon charged that a report in Newsweek magazine
that US soldiers in Guantanamo allegedly descerated the Koran was
"irresponsible" and "demonstrably false."

The magazine expressed regret over the weekend, saying that the senior
US government official who was the source of the report in its May 9 edition
was no longer certain where he had seen the allegation.

"What we know is that the Newsweek story about a Koran desecration is
demonstrably false, and thus far there have not been any credible
allegations of willful Koran desecration, and Newsweek hasn't produced any
such evidence either," said Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman.
Read the full story here!

Our comments:
First of all, the report is probably true, but that is at least one persons
opinion. This story broke all over the news. Like always, the government is
innocent! I was reading it on yahoo news, while at the same time i was
watching it on T.V. The Pentagon is jumping all over this. As soon as
Newsweek claims that their source may not be as credible as they thought,
the government jumps in and demands to know why Newsweek did not pull
the story. Newsweek expressed regret, but did not pull the story (yet). The
Pentagon, is not happy with this.

Hold on a minuet. Back up please. The source was found to be unreliable?
Still that is not good enough reason to reverse your decision? Does this
sound familiar? It should! This is the exact same thing that was report not
so long ago with the Bush administration.

The government had to admit that they could not find any weapons of
mass destruction. Remember what happened next? The white house came
out hiding behind this same excuse. Our source was found to be unreliable!
We based our decision based on a drunk telling us that there were weapons
of mass destruction in Iraq!

Question: Why is it alright for Bush to start an endless war, taking innocent
lives, based upon an unreliable source, but it's not alright for a magazine to
publish a report based on unreliable evidence? The Pentagon wants
Newsweek to retract their article, yet our government does not have to pull
our troops out! Still, we do nothing!
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Stop Federal I.D. [May. 10th, 2005|01:18 am]
Freedom Watch Teem
This was recieved as an email. I want to share it with everyone else. The "Real ID" or National ID is being pushed thru congress as quickly and quietly as possible. We need to stop it!
Here is the mail:


Generally we email alerts no more than about one time a week, but when they sneak SERIOUS new laws through the Congress without as much as a discussion, the people must leap into action. Now they want to set up a giant centralized database and national ID card, and they slipped it into the latest Iraq supplemental appropriation in the dead of night. What's so wrong in this picture?

To begin with if this administration wasn't so busy cooking intelligence, dismissing the real warning signs, ordering public servants who actually know what they're doing to tell lies, and playing fast and loose with the nation's security, 9/11 itself could have been stopped. The problem is not that they haven't got enough UNCHECKED power to invade our privacy, it's that they can't be trusted with the power they've seized to date

The last thing we need is place all our most personal information in one vulnerable database, with theft of identity already rampant. Do you think they would ever misuse this power? Probably not until they would start driving people out of their own church for holding the wrong political position. Oops, sorry that's already taking place right now. The form in this email will send your own message to all your members of Congress at once. Won't you take aminute to send this one click form and demand a serious debate on a national ID in the light of day.

I can't paste the form, so here is an email addres.
Send to email4congress@yahoo.com
Subject = RealID_Help
Write your message and send. The purpose is to show you are against the REAL ID Bill.
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Wait for a sign [Apr. 18th, 2005|03:32 am]
Freedom Watch Teem
As I was working on my site today, I started to realize something. It occurred to me that I can not keep up with the events going on. I have no problem keeping the news up to date, but since some of my site was destroyed, I can not get the old and new pages up fast enough. It wouldn't be bad if I still had all of my old pages up. With lack of technology, there is just no way to keep up with the speed of our nation deteriorating. Then I realized, I was not properly thinking. Sure having more technology would help me speed things along, but it is that technology that has provided the nitrous for America to speed along its path of self destruction. So, I took a break from working on my site and took some time to surf through some other great sites.

I was reading through some info at sites like 24/7 http://www.geocities.com/liveprayer24/misc.html and Info wars http://www.infowars.com/ Then I started pondering questions. There are so many who refuse to believe the path that America is on. So many, who just don't see it or are hypnotized by the neo-cons. You can point out some of the best proof, and yet they are blinded. I was in discussion with a relative trying to help him understand, and he argued with me every step of the way. I even showed him stuff from Project For A New American Century (PNAC)http://www.newamericancentury.org/ and he would not listen. He would argue all of the good points that so many do. So, it really made me think to myself.

I started asking myself, how could I get someone to prove this? Who would I get to prove this? Of course, only an absolute expert would be able to be any more convincing. Who really is an expert on something like this? My relative would be very content if we just went to G. H. W. Bush himself and asked him. Thats a great idea! Something tells me that if I were to ask him if they were planning on taking control of our land, he would say no. So, who would be the best possible person to ask if they thought america was priming itself for a takeover? It would have to be a Jew who lived in Nazi Germany. Actually, you wouldn't even have to ask them anything, jut take a few moments and put yourself in the situation they faced.

Could America really become that of which we have always despised? What might anyone have been thinking in Germany, just before it became Nazi Germany? Do you think they gave much thought or attention to the increased railroad traffic? Probably not. Do you think they passed by a camp at the time of it's construction and thought it could be a prison camp? Or, that it was going to be filled with gas chambers? I doubt it. How many times do you think they blew off a few theories about a coming Holocaust? Yea, like that could happen! Hitler?, he's a fine leader. Do you think that anyone suspected the German government of setting their own building on fire in order to pursue their hidden agenda? Ponder that for a moment....
Lunatic: Excuse me fine outstanding German citizen, could I talk to you for a moment in private?

Fine German citizen: Why yes, of course, what is it? Are your hands clean?

Lunatic: I am deeply troubled about this whole story we are given about the fire?

Fine German citizen: Which fire? The one the Jews have set?

Lunatic: Yes, yes. I think that there is more to the story.

Fine German citizen: What! What do you mean?

Lunatic: Please hear me out, do not interrupt. I believe Hitler may have had his henchmen set the fire and blamed it on the Jews in order to call them terrorist, so he could take total military control and start a war.

Fine German citizen: What! How dare you!

Lunatic: Please, hear me out! I believe he is rounding them all up and torturing them!

Fine German citizen: You stop right there!

Lunatic: But wait.

Fine German citizen: Yes, Yes! I don't want to hear no more! You dare to talk about a great man like that. Those trains have been coming through here for years! And you say camps? No, no, no, Those are ordinary prisons to put those terrorist where they belong. You dare to sympathize with those Jews?! They only want to destroy our nation! You are ungrateful, Hitler is doing a fine job of protecting us! Do not talk to me no more! You and your theories. Why would Hitler ever do something like that? He has welcomed those Jews! Be gone lunatic!

SS Guard: Excuse me sir, What are you speaking about? You are going to have to come with me!

Is any of it sounding familiar yet? Neither the Jews or the Germans knew what was happening right before their eyes until it was too late. I can assure you Hitler did not come out publicly and say he had camps and was going to kill millions of people. He was a friend to his people, he offered security to his people, and then he led them to their death!

It is funny, how many christians stand firm behind Bush. He's a Christian they say. Guess what, so was Hitler! The bible talks in detail about these events. When Hitler came, the world wasn't ready to give up and he didn't have enough resources. Now with all of the technology and propaganda, Satan is almost ready to pick up where he left off.

What are you going to do about it? I hope you are not planning on Germany to liberate us. I hope you are not going to wait for Iraq to come to our rescue!
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