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Freedom Watch Team

Freedom Watch Teem
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This is for all who are against the global order being put in place. We vow to resist the path that elite forces are leading us. Said path is wide and leads to wickedness, narow is the path we chose. We will not allow our ancestors die in vein. Our freedom has been taken for granted, and is in the midst of being yanked from our grip. Our grip which has become weak. We come together with the understanding that there are those who will take from you, that which you will not fight to defend. If you are against the stance for freedom, know this: We stand before you in peace, with the intention of protecting our freedom in a peacefull manner. Yet make no mistake about it, wheather you are foriegn or Domestic, if you tread on our constitution, We are ready for your war!!

Rules for this community:
1) Keep it decent
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3) Respect all users!
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5) Be a true Freedom Loving Citizen!
*You do not want to know the consequence for breaking the rules, especially #5.