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Know Thy Enemy [Aug. 28th, 2005|03:29 pm]
Freedom Watch Teem
America is in a time of war, as we all know. With war comes confusion, especially when the reason for the war has not been clarified. The biggest problem with this war is nobody is sure who the real enemy is. The Bush administration claims that the enemy is al-Queda, a world wide terrorist organization. Al-Queda's leaders have all had their finances froze, but still find a way to fight a war that cost America billions of dollars. In light of that fact it is easy to see that we are up against one crafty enemy. Is the enemy really al-Queda? A war is not fought with one side is not resisted by the other. Nor has a war been declared that has not met opposition. You can not invade any nation and expect them not to fight back. Period! Only a fool could believe that a person is a terrorist just for fighting back for their homeland. Still, it is hard to picture an enemy when you realize the whole operation has been based on a lie.

Lets think about a different war now. What about the war going on right here in America? A war for your mind, a war on liberty and truth. A war on reality, and a war against the poor. They say the civil war was a war that put brother against brother, isn't that what is happening now? We have people in high places beating a dead horse on the issue of race. Race is no longer the issue it once was, it is no longer one race against the other. The issue at hand is now rich against poor. This is an issue that always was but has yet to be put to rest. An attack on freedom is not an issue anymore, but an attack on gay rights would be disastrous. What has happened to this country, America is very un-American! If you want to stop people from crossing the border, stand down there and inform them of how things really are here in America.

So, who is the enemy? We now face two enemies, not counting terrorist. Right now our two biggest enemies are a government that is destroying this nation, and ourselves. We may well be our worst enemy. A government that is corrupt, is definitely an enemy of the people. But a people who allows a government to be corrupt is an enemy to itself! We have a bill of rights to ensure our rights, but we have forgotten who "we the people" are.

I remember a time when a man was only as good as his word. A time when a lie was unacceptable, especially if you were the President of the United States! The enemy is the one who lied in order to convince you to support his agenda. The bigger enemy, is the one who allows that lier to get away with his crime. It doesn't matter if you support the war or not, or if you support Cindy Sheehan or not. The fact is, George W. Bush lied to the nation. Period! His supporters will make excuses about why that lie should be overlooked, but they can not deny the fact that he lied. That lie has cost a very large number of innocent lives. He lied to get his way, and everything since has been the result of that lie. George W. Bush Lied To You And Me! His supporters are only making fools of themselves. They are angry with anyone who would stand against him. They are telling the president, that he is their new god and it is ok for him to lie to them. His lies have become their truths. A lie is a lie, and it is a punishable offense. I am not writing this to call for a withdraw from Iraq, I am leaving my personal feeling out on that one. I am calling for the conviction of a president that lies! One mans lie has truly changed a nation.

Christians want to stand in support of Bush and declare that Bush is a christian. So they are saying that half of the 10 commandments don't matter. They totally forget the fact that the bible has warned for centuries of wolves in sheep's clothing. They believe the events of prophesy, but refuse to believe our leadership is a tool satan uses to take us their. God says all sins are equally wrong, but Bush supporting christians say Clinton's sin is worse than Bush's. Meanwhile, christians will try to convince people to get "saved". They fail to realize that their support for a lier is driving potential savies away from God. Also their support for Bush makes them a hypocrite, meaning you can't expect someone to listen to your religious advise if you refuse to follow it yourself! One man has turned many a good Christian into a good sinner.

Of course I am not saying that Christians are the enemy. Everyone who finds an excuse to not do anything to hold the president accountable is their own enemy. I don't care what excuse you give, it is unacceptable. I received an email today that is being forwarded around. In the email it is calling upon everyone to not buy gas on September 10, 2005. It's great, I intend to not by gas on the 10th. Problem is, we have all seen this type of email. Everybody agrees and forwards it on, but nobody sticks to the plan. I may even get a sign and stand outside the gas station, but I'll bet they'll be full of people filling up. Everyone is sick of the gas hikes, but we refuse to hit them in their pockets. Violence is going on the rise due to high fuel prices, and plays in favor of the government. It's the innocent gas station attendants who are targeted. These minimum wage employees have their lives put at risk while big oil keeps getting fat! "Oh but I need to get gas, I just have to have it. It doesn't matter because they know you'll have to get gas the next day." Excuses, excuses! If you don't try to change it, you can't blame nobody but yourself.

Ok, so once we decide to stop being our own enemy, and start fighting the real enemy, what next? First thing is we need to change our strategy. We need to start from the bottom and work our way up. There's an old saying that says, "how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time". We need to turn our protest toward the governors, senators, and congressmen whom support Bush. Each state needs to start holding their representatives accountable. Bush does not care, he knows that he can't run again. But the rest of the elected officials can. Start turning the heat up on them, and eventually they will distance themselves from Bush. Once you take everything out from under him, he will no longer have no one to hide behind and nobody to blame it on. In order to get the results we need, there has to be a plan. It past time to boycott the mainstream media, and past time for the impeachment of all elected officials who refuse to do the job they were elected for. They may have launched an attack on the little people, but they forgot one important fact. It is the little people that keep these people rich, without us they would fall. I urge you to find your local government officials and start your own protest right outside their offices. Let them know if they can't do the job you want, you'll find someone who can!
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The O'Reily Reactor [Jul. 9th, 2005|11:58 am]
Freedom Watch Teem
If you are still not convinced who the real terrorist threat is, there may very well be no hope for you. Believe me, I feel for the victims and their families of these latest attacks on London. I am sorry to hear about your misfortune. But, That does not change the facts. This is clearly an inside job carried out by members of government. It is way too obvious, and all motives point to Bush and Blair. We'll get to that.

I don't make a habit of it, but I was watching Bill O'Reily last night (7/08/05). You know, he becomes a bigger jackass every night. First, somebody should teach him the difference between start and stop, because the spin certainly does not stop there! How that moron ever secured his job is a mystery. Still, I give every view a fair chance, so I watched what he calls "the no spin zone". The main point of his show was "Failure To Deal With The Deadly Enemy." The main thing I think he was doing is fueling hate for Europe. He pounds in to the minds of his sheep that Europe, mainly France and Germany, spread hate for America. Pretty much he's saying the London bombings might be the ticket to make them "wise up" to the real enemy. First of all Mr. O'Reily, you and everyone like you hate the French just because they wouldn't jump on the Bush bandwagon. People like you act like France owes us because we bailed them out in WWII. The way I see it, we have no right to expect anything in return, especially when it was us who was returning the favor. Besides, you can't expect another nation to put it's people in danger over another nations lies!

He was right though, the London Bombings were a result of our "failure to deal with the deadly enemy". As a matter of fact, I hope this will cause not only Europe but also America to wise up. So where is the problem? If we both agree on two points, then why do I call O'Reily a moron? Because he would have you believe that the problem is unschooled cavemen part of a huge mastermind network called "terrorist". The problem with MSM is, nobody investigates the whole story before releasing it to the public, and they shut their mouth when they are told to.

Bill O'Reily says "Generally speaking, the European media is viciously anti-American when it comes to the war on terror." You don't say? That might be because "the war on terror" is nothing but a war based on lies. It's a prank played on freedom loving citizens. He says, "The garbage these people are throwing out to a largely clueless public is astounding. Failed leaders like Chirac in France and Schroeder in Germany also pound home the anti-American theme to divert attention away from their own disastrous administrations". Really? I'm not going to sit here and defend these administrations, but can you tell me how theirs are any worse than our own? They may be far from perfect, but at least they have not put their citizens in danger to defend the lies from the Bush administration! Can you honestly tell me one good thing our current administration has done for the people? I am sure if Chirac and Schroeder were to jump to stand behind Bush, Mr. O'Reily would consider these two to be fine outstanding leaders. How many attacks have they had?

O'Reily: "But now the terrorists have struck again. 9/11, Madrid, today London. If all of the anti-U.S. bitterness were redirected into anti- terror bitterness, the world might defeat these savages. We all know which major countries allow terrorists to operate. Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and to a lesser extent, Pakistan and Indonesia." And there it is folks, Iran! We'll get into that a little later. I do wonder though, Bill, does Bush know you are talking about his business partners like that? How dare you put Saudi Arabia in the same category with Iran!
I do agree, it is time to work together and direct that bitterness into anti- terror bitterness. But before you go pointing the finger, I think it's time to slow down and prove who the terrorist are. Shouldn't we make sure that we are pursuing the real criminals? With that said, I have four questions for Mr. O'Reily.
1) When did Iran move to the front of the picture? Do you know something the rest of us should know?
2) How is Pakistan any less of a terrorist breading ground than the rest?
3) I thought Bush said we would go after any nation that harbors terrorist? If so, When are we going into Pakistan and Saudi Arabia?

O'Reily: "Why isn't the European press condemning those countries? Why doesn't Europe admit Saddam's regime helped terrorists all day long? Why won't the world help the struggling democracy in Iraq?

These are powerful questions. And this London terror attack should get those questions on the front burner where they belong. But don't expect the elite American media to ask them."
Bill, these are not powerful questions at all. Yes, this London attack should put some questions on the front burner, but in fact what they did was put others on the back burner, like the "Downing street" memo. The questions that these London attacks should put on the front burner are: (Bill since you are so smart, maybe you should answer them)
4) Is there hard proof that Saddam helped these terrorist?
5) Where are the remains of any suicide bombers?
6) Why is democracy struggling in Iraq?
7) Why are we allowing our troops and innocent Iraqi's to be killed all day long?
8) Why do the Iraqi's protest American occupation, but did not protest Saddam's regime?
9) What benefit would terrorist have for bombing London, a few days after they announced plans to pull out from Iraq?
10) Why was the Israeli Embassy notified in advance of the attacks?
11) Why was the website that first claimed responsibility hosted by a server in Houston, Texas?
12) Just who stood to gain anything from this attack? Who would benefit?
13) What was the U.S. secret meeting with Insurgents about?
Yes I do expect the American media to ask these questions, I expect you to answer these questions, honestly! But I live in the real world, so I know you or no one else will answer these questions. Because to Answer these questions, would bring the truth to light! You are too busy looking for the next Jackson trial, helping Bush cover his trail.

O'Reily: A few days ago, Edward Wong, a reporter for the New York Times described Abu al Zarqawi as a "Jordanian fighter." Can you believe an American newspaper would print that? Al Zarqawi is a vicious al Qaeda killer, a man who beheads civilians and orders the murders of women and children. And the New York Times calls this guy a Jordanian fighter? That kind of sanitizing terrorism must stop! The American people, you, must demand that it stop.

The anti-American press both here and in Europe is actually helping the terrorists by diminishing their threat. "Talking Points" urges you to begin holding people accountable for their position on the terror war. Walk away from media that excuses or sanitizes these brutal acts.

USA is not the problem in this world. The terrorists are. And if you don't agree with that, you are helping killers like al Zarqawi. Enough's enough. London should be the last straw. And that's “The Memo.”

Well Bill, I do agree that the terrorist are the problem. But if you disagree with the facts, it is you who is helping the terrorist!
Oh my gosh! I can't believe an American newspaper would call al Zarqawi a "Jordanian fighter"! I am outraged at how they twist things, why didn't they call him what he is, a "CIA fighter"! This leads to just a few more questions.
14) How many times has Abu al Zarqawi died and been arrested?
15) Has Zarqawi killed as many people as we have, with things like abortion, taser guns, and a war based on a lie?
16) Can you sleep well at night, knowing that you have helped Corporate anti- American press hide treason?
17) I have heard you say, too many times, "and thats 'the memo'". Is this your way of throwing in the face of your viewers, that you help hide the Downing Street Memo?

I will tell you what I can't believe the press has enough nerve to say, Bill O'Reily. Things like this:

I mean, my first thought when I heard -- just on a personal basis, when I heard there had been this attack and I saw the futures this morning, which were really in the tank, I thought, "Hmmm, time to buy." ~Brit Hume

So it would have been a treat, actually, to watch the French dealing with the problem of their own homegrown Islamist terrorists living in France already. ~John Gibson

The bombings in London: This is why I thought the Brits should let the French have the Olympics -- let somebody else be worried about guys with backpack bombs for a while. ~John Gibson

That these people are, If necessary, prepared to spill Arab blood in addition to the blood of regular -- of nonarab people living in London. ~Fox News

The Corporate anti-American press both here and in Europe is actually helping the decay of values by diminishing their outlook. "America Uncensored" urges you to begin holding people accountable for helping to hide the truth!

And now it's time for The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day!
Britain couldn't get enough support for a national ID card, Support for the war on terror and support for it's government was falling at a steady pace. Britain announced plans to start a withdraw of troops. Meanwhile back at the United States, citizens were losing patience with the war, Bush supporters were threatening to jump ship, fear of terror was calming and Attention over administration impeachable offenses was growing. World leaders were set to have a G8 (Geight?) meeting to discuss global warming and African aid, Issues that Bush and Blair had no interest in. Suddenly as the meeting is ready to start, London is under attack. Officials claim they don't know if the terrorist were suicide bombers or not, yet the whole city is one big camera. No one has decided to look at video from the bus that exploded?
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Blinding Ignorance [Jul. 6th, 2005|02:59 am]
Freedom Watch Teem
"You can swim all day in the Sea of Knowledge and still come out completely dry. Most people do." ~Norman Juster

Ok, I will admit, I watched the fireworks display over Independence weekend and there was a sense of freedom. As many people try to tell me America is not losing it's freedom. But I couldn't help thinking the whole time about what this celebration has become. A celebration of Independence for America. The crowds gather and cheer for the awesome display. Myself, I was thinking with every blast and bang of light represented a battle from the past. A battle where men left home knowing they may never come back. There was no reason to protest this battle, this was a battle to declare a new nation free and independent from all others. A battle that did not need any excuse because the truth was too clear. We won that battle and became the greatest nation in the world.

Fast forward to today. What were we celebrating this past holiday? While we are here celebrating, our nations children are off to war. But it is not a war worthy of celebration, it is a war based on a lies. The people fighting this war signed up because they were looking for one of two things. On one side they were misled and believed that our nation was in danger, so they did the noble thing and signed their life into the hands of a chief. On the other side, people were already signed up to the military during peace time. They signed up in hopes of bettering their future. Both sides are now a bunch of strangers in a strange land. A land of confusion and truth is not what it seems. They have no right to just turn around, because uncle sam owns their freedom. They watch everyday as more of their own die. Asking themselves if this is what they had signed up for? While they were sent off to die in the name of "weapons of mass destruction" and "Iraqi freedom" they soon realized neither was true. While they are over there wondering why they are dieing and losing limbs, their commander in chief is over here telling the nation that their "bloodshed is worth it". This same chief whom was AWOL during the viet nam war, is telling the nation that we will not set a time table to withdraw. So while they are over there fighting to stay alive because of a lie, we are over here celebrating the Declaration Of Independence.

I ask again, what are we celebrating? We claim we are celebrating the Declaration Of Independence, yet we do not put that declaration to use. While our young troops are over there fighting operation Bush agenda, we are over here allowing our constitution to be ripped to shreds in the name of "Homeland Security". The same liars that would have us believe that people hate our freedom, are telling us that our troops are fighting to free these people. Whose job is it to protect our troops from the dangers of these liars? I would say it is ours. Instead of taking a stand and demanding that the elected officials listen to the people, we allow them to tell us they will not. They are telling us, "here's the deal, like it or not". Surprisingly this Declaration Of Independence that we are celebrating isn't even known to many. It specifically gives us the right to throw out any government that dictates the people. When are we going to put it to use? Our soldiers now needs us to fight for them. Our has been bought by corporate control freaks!

I ask again, What are we celebrating? Our nations elected liars have lied their way out of the lies. They stand there and tell us they were given bad information from unreliable sources. So let me ask you, what happens when you break the law and you tell the judge you didn't know you were breaking the law? They tell you "Ignorance of the law is no excuse". So it is time we tell the liars that Ignorance is no excuse!

I have recently realized, though, you can not get through to many people. People just don't care about our nation anymore. I have probably heard every excuse for defending Bush. I have heard people say things like, "my protesting days are over" or "Bush doesn't have an easy job". If it has been said, I have heard it. Bush is so great! Some people will just plain ignore it. Many of them will call me "radical" or put me in a category with "liberals". Defending our constitution is no easy job, let me tell you. People actually even defend the government's attack on constitutional rights!

Once again I ask, What are we celebrating? Is it a celebration of lies? What are the fireworks for? Is it to celebrate loss of freedom? Maybe we have just become so sick that it is a celebration of bloodshed? No, thats not it. It has become a celebration of ignorance.

The people have become blinded by ignorance. That Ignorance is fueled by all of the material things we lust over. We have no time for politics! We make excuses or we have a greater plan. Bush supporters who do make time for politics, are only concerned with few things. One being their financial future, they are on their way to riches, so they follow those who are already rich. Most of them support Bush. Two, Bush is a christian, he is helping Christian values. One thing remains true. I have offered my side of the argument to Bush supporters, they do not want to hear it, period! Yet, I wait for their argument to prove that Bush is helping Christian values.

To all of the Bush supporters, here is my message. You tell those troops, who have lost body parts, Why you support Bush. Tell their families why their dead sons, daughters, fathers, and mothers why the bloodshed was worth it. You want to defend somebody whose lies have taken lives, and infringed on freedom, that is your choice. But what about the choice of others? You only care about issues when it affects you immediately. My views are different from the all great "conservative circle" so my freedoms are not important. If you value America and freedom then it is necessary to listen to both points of view, because getting your view from one source is just plain ignorance.

And to the "Liberal" side, here is my message. No, I am not and will not support you. Your agenda is no different. You have showed your cowardliness to the world. You Back down from everything you are told to. You apologize every time a "conservative" says they are offended. Mostly, you whine for a "time table" to pull out of Iraq. Instead of backing an impeachment of a liar, you ask for a simple "time table". Then you grab your tail and run when you are told there isn't going to be a time table. By backing down, you have helped push the Bush agenda.

America has become blinded by ignorance. We are happy to buy the idea that we have a new enemy. Terrorist, they hate us because they hate freedom. Keep chewing on that, because it is not easy to swallow! "Terrorist" don't hate freedom. They don't hate us because we are free, they hate us because, for years we have put our nose where it did not belong. They hate us because we jump at Israel's command! Had we focused our energy on fixing our own problems, nobody would hate us. The only people that have any reason to hate America's freedom is those who wish to have control of America. I assure you, "terrorist are too busy trying to control a piece of wasteland in an eastern desert. That leaves us with one other enemy, A corporate and foreign controlled government.

We need to ask ourselves one question, Why would terrorists take the time to hate America just because we are free? It is possibly the worst excuse I have ever heard for anything. Just like the bully 2 blocks over, he never knew you existed until you left your block. Who has prov-en to be a bigger threat to our freedom, and who would benefit from attacking our freedom? Certainly not "terrorist"! The first to benefit from the loss of America's freedom, would be members of our very own government.

Ignorance is a choice, it is up to us to chose knowledge.
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Bush in the USA: "bloodshed is worth it"! [Jul. 1st, 2005|04:51 pm]
Freedom Watch Teem
On Tuesday June 28, 2005 President Bush said bloodshed "is worth it"! Go HERE, to see a video celebration for Independence day. Then you will see why it is time to tell Bush, If it is worth it, then go shed your own damned blood.

Dear Mr. "President":
We the people of the United States of America are watching you. You are the captain of a sinking ship, asking the passengers to stay on board. You would have them believe that water is rising, trying to hide the fact that it is really just a ship sinking. The numbers of you supporters are falling rapidly, your time is limited! People are starting to open their eyes, and they are seeing past your lies! They see a power hungry puppet, who could not himself go into battle for his country, yet you ask others to do it for you and those who lie with you.

We once again ar declaring Independence on the 4th day of the 7th month, otherwise know as July 4th. We are the people and the nation with might! We are the nation that has earned the rights and freedoms which you so tread on. We are a nation of people gathered together with the power to tell you, Get The Funk Out of our White House!!!
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Guantanamo improving [Jun. 26th, 2005|08:10 pm]
Freedom Watch Teem
Good news! According to US lawmakers, conditions at Guantanamo Bay prison are "improving". That is the kind of good news that is almost better than saving a bunch of money on car insurance. you can go back to sleep now, conditions are getting better. members of the U.S. Congress went there and witnessed this for themselves! How much more proof would you need? It's not like this was an OSHA inspection at your plant where the supervisors knew it in advance and made you tidy up a bit. Right?

Lets see now, they witnessed interrogations, inspected cell-blocks and ate the same lunch given to detainees. Thats so nice of them to swallow their pride to make these "terrorist" feel comfortable, isn't it? Hey, why didn't you tell us you were treating these people so well? Maybe you are treating them too well!

"The Guantanamo we saw today is not the Guantanamo we heard about a few years ago," Rep. Ellen Tauscher, a California Democrat, said Saturday. ~gulfnews.com

From behind one-way mirrors, lawmakers watched interrogators grilling three individual terror suspects. None of the interrogators touched detainees. ~gulfnews.com

"I think they're doing the best they can to define due process here," said Rep. Joe Schwarz, a Michigan Republican. ~gulfnews.com

Well, I am glad these members of congress have set the record strait. What say you? Now that I know the opinions of these well respected members of society, whom have the people's best interest at heart, there is no need for me to read alternative media anymore.

What kind of fools do they take us for!? That would be like me being a supervisor and telling my employees that my boss is coming in tomorrow to do a safety inspection. "Ok now you folks just do everything like normal". [wink, wink] "well, I'm satisfied, things are really improving here." Try making a surprise inspection and see how well that chicken and rice is prepared! So, I guess we should just let this lay to rest. After all, they took the time to give a pre planned visit to the prison, and they didn't see nothing wrong.

Are we really this gullible? Hey, I have a dime that was probably touched by Elvis! I'll sell it to you for a dollar!

Are we going to allow this new revelation of "improvement" draw us away from the facts!
Fact 1 By doing this inspection and coming back telling us that conditions have improved, they have admitted there was a problem. So, now that we have established that there were violations, what are we going to do about it? Shouldn't there be an investigation to punish those who are guilty? I mean, hey, if I got caught stealing 10 gallons of gas last year but this year I got caught stealing 5 gallons, are they going to let me off the hook since the condition is improving? I didn't think so! You admitted guilt, now I want to see some consequences!

Fact 2 It does not matter how good the conditions are for mistaken identities! You think Afgan farmers grabbed by mistake give a damned that you are improving your anger management? No, they do not! What is the government doing to restore their liberty? We want to make everybody free, then find out which suspects don't belong there.

Opinion: The only reason they finally gave attention to this is to keep us away from the "downing street memo" and WMD claims. To keep us from pursuing the lies! Michael Jackson is no-longer the headline, so what can we put out there? Well of course, they want the focus to be on the least of the issues. "Ok, we'll admit something went wrong, we'll work to improve it. Just stay away from the other issues." Wait a minuet, people are upset about the eminent domain issue, what do we do? Quick, schedule a tour for congress at the prison, that should throw them off a bit.
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Communism! Coming to Ameirca. [Jun. 26th, 2005|03:52 pm]
Freedom Watch Teem
"The worst thing you can possibly do is worrying and thinking about what you could have done." ~G. C. Lichtenberg

It is time to rock the boat. Action is required of all American citizens. If you do not tend to the field, you will not reap a harvest. I grow tired of waiting for our leaders to provide what they promise. If we do not take action now, we will one day find ourselves thinking about what we could have done!

"We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries." ~David Rockefeller in an address to a meeting of The Trilateral Commission, in June, 1991.

Do you consider yourself to be an American? Do you love your country and it's freedom? When will our nation wake up to this un-American power guiding us? When will we stand together and take our country back? I am guessing, that most of us will wait around until it is too late. There is definitely a force turning the world into a global communist government, aka, New World Order. America should be it's biggest obstacle, but in-fact we have become it's biggest supporter. Nations that once would dream of being like America, are instead becoming the first to oppose the new world order. We are quick to support any effort labeled democracy. How can we be so blind? Since when does democracy force you to accept it?

I am going to try to point out just a few of the most recent things happening that are in line with communism.

Lets start with the most recent event. On Thursday June 23, 2005 the Supreme Court ruled that local governments may seize people's homes and businesses, against their will. By doing this, it no longer has to be a need for clear public use. Now, corporations and private companies can come in and take the property they want. I ask you, is this not communism? I would expect this if I was a citizen in Russia, but not in America. Finally something has happened causing people who label me a "radical" to agree with me. So now you can sleep well at night knowing that you will pay 30 years for a house you barely like, get taxed for it every year, but you will be doing you community a service when Home Depot comes to town. The Supreme Court took a chance on this one, it was a very bold move in America. You would think it would be too big of a risk, considering the other recent violations. They knew that the timing no longer mattered. Why would it? So far, nobody has done anything to stop the beast! If this was to happen anytime prior to the 90's I am quite sure the the people would have taken to the streets. You better bet, our government would have been forced to reverse this decision. But it didn't happen then, it happened now! In 2005, and many people are upset with it. Problem is, nobody is brave enough to rise up. Everyone thinks they have too much to risk if they challenge our dictating democracy. I will sign the petition, and I hope you will too. But, lets not fool ourselves. Do you honestly think that names on paper are going to get us anywhere? They will blow it off, because they know we will not rise up against them.
With this new ruling, one has to wonder, what do we do if Wal-Mart decides that 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is prime location for a new store?

Now, lets look at another recent issue. Social Security Reform! Leave it alone! The neocons want to turn social security into private accounts. Their story is, we will run out of social security funds for future retirees. So the solution is to put your social security into private accounts. Invest it into the stock market. I don't have all day to tell you how dangerous this is, you would more than likely be a sitting duck. Plus you have a strong possibility that the elite would force a market crash, leaving you with nothing. If that were to happen, who would you turn to? Your government of course would have to support you. Yes, that is communism at it's finest! Now you might tell me to hold on before I jump the gun, the democrats have offered an alternative. Yes they have, and both republicans and democrats think they may be able to agree on it. I caution you though, the alternative is not any better. They simply will not work. Sooner or later something will happen, and when it does, it will be communism. Government will no longer have control of our social security money. Sure it sounds good, but by not having our money means we did not pay it to government. They no longer owe us anything. Something will happen, we will be investing our retirement unwisely, and we will need to be bailed out for the good of mankind. Who is going to bail us out? Our government of course. When government steps in to bail us out, we change from them owing us to us owing them. This is communism!

"The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining supercapitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control.... Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent." ~Congressman Larry P. McDonald, 1976, killed in the Korean Airlines 747 that was shot down by the Soviets

There are many other issues that include the latest law against flag burning, the patriot act, controlled media, shipping jobs out and the list goes on. The sad truth is, we are destroying America and turning it into a communist nation. It does not matter which party controls the house, they are the same. I can't understand why people refuse to grasp the truth. Republicans and Democrats are the same! They will disagree on small issues, but they are working together on one issue. When they do disagree, they always come up with a happy medium that works for them, but always against American's as a whole. Right now the choice remains ours, but time is running short. We need to decide now, will we allow them to take control, or will we rise to the occasion to defend our control?

You can chose not to believe this could happen to America. Just remember when people teach you about accidents, diseases or any other misfortune, the cause usually comes down to people believing it couldn't happen to them. When you tell yourself "it can't happen here", you are letting down your guard. You are conditioning your mind not to accept the fact that it can happen. Why wouldn't it happen, nobody is standing up to fight back, because too many believe it can't happen here! Yes, our nation was designed so this could not happen here. But it was designed for us to make sure it doesn't happen. It is our job as Americans to protect our freedom. If you are not doing the checks, how do you know if it is balanced?

"To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas." ~Brock Adams, Director UN Health Organization
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1984 long gone [Jun. 26th, 2005|04:02 am]
Freedom Watch Teem
""If the Party could thrust its hand into the past and say this or that even, it never happened—that, surely, was more terrifying than mere torture and death." ~Goerge Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty Four"

We all (those of us who are awake) refer back to 1984, the story anyway. While Orwell must have somehow known what the future might hold, he was off just a little. It really is a great story, and he hit many problems on the nose. Once the year 1984 came, most people did not see any similarities to his story. Of course 10 years later, it seems to be a chilling prophecy. Where are we now? Should we call this 1984? If I was to read the story in 1980, and then slept for 25 years, I would certainly think I woke up in 1984. So here we are in 1984. You can have your "positive thinkers" who disagree, but it's here. It's now.

But what about the real 1984? If I had my way, I would go back to 1984. Not really to change anything, although given the opportunity, I would. Also, not because I was younger. Then why? 1984 was a simple time. You want t be a simple man, go to a simple time. This was a year, and a decade that was great! It wasn't perfect, but it was cool. Some very funky things that today you would never call "cool", but admit it, it was all cool. Like I said, it wasn't perfect. You still had some crime, you still had some worries. Barely any cars built in 1984 were cool, but you could still find the cool ones. It had it's problems, but possibly far less than any other decade.

Earlier years in America were simple, but also hard. Previous years had the wild west, civil war, slavery, segregation, world wars, very physical and deadly manual labor, deadly strikes, and much more. Ok, so any of them would be ok to live for most people. Truth be told, there were many problems that didn't work for everyone. They were the years that America needed to grow and learn from mistakes.

1984, worked for most people. There was not any real terrible issues, maybe a few false alarms, but nothing we couldn't handle in a peaceful manner. America was pretty well all grown up as a nation. We had worked out most of our problems in the past, and had only few left. There was not one nation that did not envy America. America was the model place to live. Soon, other countries tried to be more like America.

America, the place to be, if you wanted to be free!

In 1984, the future was a dream place filled with greatness. Can we say that now? Everyone had visions of this great future for America. Flying cars and funky sunglasses. Sliding doors, and big screen phones. Peace and harmony. Where did we go wrong?

In 1984, children had quality time with there parents. The most violent game was probably combat (two squares shooting at each other. Children had cool places to go. Skating, bowling, small movie theaters, and friendly neighborhoods. Children were not seen as an inconvenience. School was a little tough, but hardly as tough as now. It's funny, we don't seem to be as smart. When kids got into fights, they threw a few punches, and became friends again the next day. Cartoons, were very kid friendly. What happened there?

We had some of the most cool music ever. The most depressing music, happened to be love ballads. Far from gangster, life sucks, or the sluts you see today. Music was understandable and you were able to listen to it. Rap wasn't too bad. You could dance to just about any rock tune. Country turned out some good ol boys. Will music ever be put together with such harmony ever again?

There was not a lot of this technology that was supposed to make life easier. People weren't wasting hours at the computer, on the cell phone, or playing video games. Most home cooked food was just that. Boy, this technology sure seems to be a load of crap, when you weigh the effect on the quality of life.

Movies? There sure were some great movies. A horror film was horrifying! A comedy made you laugh. Drama was drama, action was action. They were all what they were meant to be. Amadeus, Beverly Hills Cop, Ghostbusters, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Terminator (when Arnold wasn't a real threat). Bachelor Party, Gremlins, Indiana Jones, Police Academy, Red Dawn, Footloose. Ok, I'll stop. They sure knew the difference between family films and porn!

In 1984, you could sleep to the music, dance to the music, romance with the music. The music in the background was a pleasure, not a distraction. The only time you heard Michael Jackson's name in the news was to announce a new release. Elton John didn't seem so rainbow happy at the time. Def Leppard was able to sell tickets in America. Bon Jovi was the coolest, They didn't even have to tear up a bible and paint his hair and nails black. A guitar player knew how to tune it.

Sometimes your car wouldn't start, but at least you could drive home after an accident.

Yes, I miss living in 1984. So tell me, where did we go wrong? How did we leave 1984 behind just to enter into a 1984 world? Where did we lose our vision of the future? How did we go from being the envy of every nation to being the poison of every nation. How did we let millionaires become greedy billionaires? How did we let go of values? What happened to real talent? What kind of world have we created for our children?

America is no longer the big brother, but has become Big Brother. We said goodbye to 1984 and created Nineteen Eighty Four!

"Nearly all children nowadays were horrible. What was worst of all was that by means of such organizations as the Spies they were systematically turned into ungovernable little savages, and yet this produced in them no tendency whatever to rebel against the discipline of the Party. On the contrary, they adored the Party and everything connected with it… All their ferocity was turned outwards, against the enemies of the State, against foreigners, traitors, saboteurs, thought-criminals. It was almost normal for people over thirty to be frightened of their own children."
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America's Best Interest [Jun. 25th, 2005|05:21 pm]
Freedom Watch Teem
"When war is declared, truth is the first casualty." ~Arthur Ponsonby, Falsehood in Wartime, 1928

Before I get started, I would like to point something out. We desperately need a celebrity to screw up, so that the mainstream media will not be forced to cover something important.

Now, on with the subject. ;)

On Friday June 24, 2005 President Bush had a little trouble hiding his frustration with questions about the war. I did watch the entire thing on the news, but it only served to make me even more angry. Of course he had Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim Jafari with him, so that we could hear an Iraqi praise American efforts. However, what was the biggest point made? Bush said to the American people, He will never set a timetable for pulling American forces out of Iraq. He went on telling how he understands it's hard. Told us how it is not as bad as it looks. He understands that American approval of the war is dropping. Bla bla bla. You can read some of it here.

One thing I noticed, not one reporter questioned any of the lies that got us there in the first place. Of course, I did not expect them to either. So here we are listening to our president tell us we are going to stay the course. Iraq needs our help, we can't just walk out on them now. We have to train their army how to fight. Another thing I noticed was the president and prime minister both picked which reporter was going to ask the questions. It is important for us to realize these people know who they do not want questioning them! Not one of these reporters asked anything important. Nobody asked why we are there in the first place. Not one of them asked about the "downing street memo". Nobody was brave enough to ask, where are the "weapons of mass destruction"? Not one reporter asked Bush, why we should be forced to obey his decision? That's ok though, we can all sit around and complain to each other, but we'll let the Bush administration decide what is best.

"The aim of military training is not just to prepare men for battle, but to make them long for it". ~Louis Simpson

The president also told us that we need to stay in Iraq to train their forces. What can we show them, that they don't already know? They know their people better than we do. We are going to train another country how to fight like our military? This will be good, this way they will know every move we would make, in the event of another conflict with Iraq. More importantly is the fact that you can not train somebody how to fight for their own freedom. We had to do it for ourselves, so should they. When they are ready to be free, we will know it by the way they start fighting. The only thing we are doing is training people how to hate America. What does he want us to show them, how to kill their kids and plant weapons beside them?

"The object of war is not to die for your country, but to make the other bastard die for his". ~George Patton

"I'm not giving up on the mission," said Bush. "We're doing the right thing, which is to set the foundation for peace and freedom." He is also pleading with Americans to be optimistic for what's taking place. President Bush also made it clear that we are going to stay because it is in America's best interest.
So you tell me how it is in our best interest? It's in Bush's best interest. It is in the best interest of the elite. It is certainly not in America's best interest! We are the people, and we have shown that the majority oppose the war. If the majority opposes the war, then why is the President not drafting a plan to withdraw the troops?

"The death of one man is a tragedy. The death of millions is a statistic". ~Joe Stalin, comment to Churchill at Potsdam, 1945

It is time for me to get to the point. On Friday the president made it very clear to America that we will not draft a timetable to pullout. Maybe nobody caught that. President Bush said, We will not make a timetable to pullout! Period!
I guess America still can not grasp what he is saying to us. So, I will translate it for you.

President Bush is telling us all that we do what he says! The following is the translation.
"I said we will stay in Iraq, so we will. It doesn't matter what the majority wants, I will decide. You will have nothing to say about it. What are you going to do about it? You will do nothing about it. Just sit back like you always do" [smirk] "I have already lied to you hundreds of times, and you let me. I have already infringed on your freedoms, and you let me. This war is mine, and you don't have a say in it. Sure it's sad that over 1700 lives are lost, but thats the cost of my agenda. Besides, I'm the president! I will do what I want to. I do not have to listen to you. You have no say in this. Listen to me, I will not do what you want me to! I decide what is best, not you. What do you think this is, a democracy? It doesn't matter that we have no victory, we are going to stay the course. It doesn't matter that the Iraqi people are sick of us, again, we will stay the course. Guess what, there never were any "weapons of mass destruction", I lied. What are you going to do about it? I don't even care where bin Laden is, he is no longer the issue. I lied, I illegally went to war. So what! You are not going to do anything about it anyway! I am so much better than you anyway, so far you have bought everything that I have sold to you. Just shut up and let me do what I want. You can't do nothing about it, you will not do nothing about it."
- End translation.-

"Why do we kill people who are killing people to show that killing people is wrong?" ~Holly Near

The sad truth is, so far he is right. Every since 2001, America has seen itself crumble faster than anytime in history. We have watched countless bills get passed, and many other liberties trampled on, yet we do nothing. It doesn't matter that his approval rating is at an all time low, aproval ratings is not what impeaches a president. It doesn't matter that scores of petitions have been signed, petitions are just names on paper. None of this matters, because nobody has taken action. As long as nobody takes action, nothing happens.

There were a few problems with congressman Conyers' hearings on the Downing street memo. First, he submitted a petition of 500,000 names to the White House. Those names mean nothing, because nobody is planning on following through with action. Second, the only thing Democrats are asking for is a timetable to pullout of Iraq. What we should be demanding is the impeachment of the entire Bush administration. How do we expect any of this to stop if we just say, "you lied so we want to see a timetable".
We need to take action, now! As long as we keep asking, Bush will keep saying no.

"The pioneers of a warless world are the [youth] who refuse military service". ~Albert Einstein
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Liberty's Dieing Words [Jun. 24th, 2005|09:05 pm]
Freedom Watch Teem
Hello America.
When you wake, I'll probably be gone. If I am still here, I will be to weak to be there for you. I will leave this message for you, to let you know how sorry I am. Maybe it is better this way, why should I continue to fight for you, when you stopped defending me a long time ago. Of course, I understand that you will not realize it until you wake up. Just so you don't panic when you wake to surprise, I want to tell you what has been happening.

For the last three decades you have been sleeping. Those of you who were not sleeping, were in a blind drunken lust over the material distractions set before you. Still, those who stood guard for me, were too few and outnumbered. I should let you know, as soon as you stopped defending me, I was attacked. I was raped and molested by those who were drunk with power and greed. Every year, your government had it's way with me and did as they would please for their own satisfaction.

It was your ancestors whom have made me what I was. They gave me all of the power to protect you from loss of freedom. I was very strong, and for decades I was able to keep America fair and free for all. Throughout history, your ancestors stood proud to protect me. I was what made your nation the envy of every nation. Your ancestors knew the one weakness I had, I was powerless without the strength of the people.

The founding fathers of America knew and gave warning, that I would stand for you, but you also had to stand for me. They knew there would be predators waiting to strike. The minuet you let your guard down, they began stripping me. I once thought I was given a blindfold to keep me from prejudice, but now I realize the blindfold was to keep me from identifying those who attacked me.

I am also sorry because I was prevented from keeping you from being lied to. You were purposely misinformed about the identity of the villains who were trying to attack me. You were told they were foreign, but in fact, they were domestic.

I will not waste your time telling you of the first attacks I endured. I will however give you a few recent examples. Some of the most recent have shook a few of you, but not yet enough. Most recently, within the last few years, I have received some of the heaviest attacks to date. I was wrongfully used as an excuse for war. The responsibility of protecting your privacy was taken from me. The Honor of holding your right to bear arms has been greatly reduced. Protecting you from search without warrant, is no longer my burden. Making sure you have a fair and speedy trial, is no longer part of my duties. I no longer have to make sure that your elected government is honest and works in your best interest. I will not be able to keep jobs in this nation. I will not be allowed to help the poor. As of today, I can no longer be able to stop your property from being taken from you. Also, soon I may not be able to keep foreign born citizens from becoming president. Nor will I be able to make sure that a president has only two terms of office.

You may not be alarmed, you may be sleeping with the comfort of justice, but there is something els you should know. Justice has been tortured into turning against me. Yet, you may take comfort in the morality of you religion. That too is a dead end. You see, the same criminals have perverted your religion and are banning what remains of it. They have even used your religion falsely to conduct their attack.

The saddest part of all of this is you have turned your backs on me. Our system we once had, only works when we both protect each other. As soon as you let go of me, I become powerless. Soon, I will no longer exist, and the next attack will be on you. The time left to save me is short, but it means nothing as long as you sit and do nothing.

You have made me feel 2nd to issues like O.J. Simpson, Michael Jackson, Martha Stewart and Iraqi freedom!

I am liberty, for years I have stood for you! When are you going to return the favor?!
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The day the world stopped? [Jun. 16th, 2005|12:20 am]
Freedom Watch Teem
There is a "country" song that starts out by asking, "where were you when the world stopped turning?". It goes on to give examples of what you might have been doing. It's an alright song. The more I had heard it, the more I started thinking. Do you remember where you were and what you were doing? More than likely you do. I certainly do.

At the time I had a factory job working 2nd shift. On the morning of September 11 2001, I was in bed sleeping. Normally I would be getting up in a few hours to get ready for work, but this day had other plans for me. I normally stayed up late hours after work, so I was not ready to wake up at 9 something in the morning. I remember barely hearing the answering machine with my brothers voice. A voice full of fear, yelling at me to get up and turn on the television. I was in a pretty deep sleep, but it woke me up. Still half sleepy, I thought maybe it was some kind of dream. Being my brothers voice, I was worried, so I stumbled out to the phone. I played the message and sure enough it wasn't a dream. I quickly turned on the television. As soon as the screen lit up, there it was. One of the world trade towers with a hole in the side of it. I thought it was bombed. I turned up the volume, and the news said that a plane had hit it. How terrible, what was wrong with the pilot? Then, all of a sudden a second plane flies right into the other tower. I jumped up, wondering what was going on. A slight fear came over me. I knew then that this was no accident. Not more than an hour later the news was receiving info that Arabs were suspected.

Some say, this was the day the world stopped turning.

I tuned to a different chanel, a full time news chanel, a chanel I have never watched before. I continued to watch as news was pouring in faster than they could keep up with. A plane heading for Cleavland. Who would do such a thing? How was anyone able to hijack these planes? Suddenly, reports of a plane flying into the pentagon. No footage, just a view of a hole in the building with smoke. How did these planes enter no fly zones and still reach their targets? More news, plane slams into the ground in Pennsylvania. Something definitely is not right, how many more are there? I rushed outside to look at the sky. Nothing. Called friends and relatives. Called work, nothing is canceled. Time to get ready for work, I'll catch more news later.

Some say, this is the day the world stopped turning.

I was on my way to work, thats when Osama's name is starting to get thrown around. Who is Osama? How could this Osama pull this off. More news, planes where possibly hijacked with plastic box cutters. What? Are they serious? I then started feeling a little guilty, a little bit of doubt was starting to form. At the time, I worked in a woodworking factory in a small town about 30 miles from my city. I get to work, park my car, all of my coworkers are outside talking about it. We are wondering why major functions have not been canceled. We talk about it a little, then head inside to start our job. Every break, we would gather outside and discuss the latest news, and the whole event. This type of thing happened for the rest of the week. By the end of our shift, most of the country had heard and seen enough to begin to panic, and fear was setting deep. I was leaving work, when I noticed I was driving on an empty tank, there was no way I had enough fuel to make it home. As I approached the gas station, the line was so big I thought I would run out of gas while waiting. I could not believe my eyes when the price jumped up to $4.00 per gallon.

This was the day the world stopped turning?

It was only within a few days while at work, I blurted out that the government had to be hiding something. I won't go into that right now. Tuesday, September 11, 2001 became known as 911. 9-11-01? A number only significant to America. This was the day some say the world stopped turning. The more I thought about it, the more I realized the world did not stop turning. Indeed, the world did not even slow down. As far as my area of the country, the only thing canceled was flight. Work was on schedule, which you had to understand, it was a tragedy but the show must go on. Right?

No, the world did not stop turning. The world did not slow down. In my opinion, the world started spinning faster. Spinning out of control. This was a day that started raising profits for some. This was a day that took notice away from an attack on the constitution. Ratings for full time news channels shot through the roof. The price of fuel would never again fall below a buck twenty per gallon. The military began suiting up, therefore all suppliers began raising profits. Americans started living in fear of national security, the government used that fear to push new laws and legislation. New departments in government were formed. War was started. Adequate proof was not sought for war. America was in danger, and it was time to strike back. A new hell was created for Iraq, a country without a proving link to this day. Young soldiers were thrown into a war with no end in sight, their lives turned upside down for un-found weapons. For them, the world may have stopped turning. For us, it has only began. A presidents crimes were overlooked, and he was re-elected in the name of fear. This president was the only hope we had, so we thought. Lies are overlooked because of "the war on terror". The list continues to grow.

Where were you when the world stopped turning? Do you know where you were and what you were doing? As for me, I'll let you know when it happens.
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